Polaroid, 35mm film and digital photographs

My tool has been a marker in various periods in my life ie. I shot polaroid in my teens, 35mm in my early 20s and digital when I ran out of film for them both.

(Above) River Swim, 2016.  Instax Wide.

Buzzcut in Paris, 2016.  Instax Wide. 

Night out, 2017.  Instax Wide.

** fix backgrounds on above two scans so it is seamless within background

Harujuku Karaoke, 2019. 35mm.

Chichu, 2019.  35mm.

Mussels off jetty, 2019.  35mm.

Farm, 2019.  35mm.

Tokyo Dusk, 2019.  35mm.

Final shot India, 2019.  35mm.

Barwon Heads, 2019.  35mm.

Hiding out, catching no fish, 2018. Digital .

Claudia, 2018. Digital .