Ryan Mueller presents a brand new body of work as part of Melbourne Design Week in partnership with The National Gallery of Victoria. Presenting a new iteration of the ‘Lithos’ lighting objects. Using discarded material, Ryan’s work speaks to the theme of the exhibition ‘HARD’ which encourages exhibiting designers to use resourcefulness in their work processes.


Rascal Mueller Jewellery has diverted to use of silver in its latest ongoing collection. The collection which is title ‘Space Junk’ uses recyecled 925 Sterling Silver and is materialised in biomorphic forms. Using a new material has been exciting and has led to an expansion of inspiration and technique.


Experimentation using various pearls and settings is underway. Having sourced a wonderfully diverse range of pearls, I have begun creating sputnik solar-system-esque arrangments of using these beautiful pearls.


The ‘Lithos’ lighting duet was recently featured in the Australian Financial Review. Within a story where Design Editor, Stephen Todd highlighted “heavyweight” works featured within Melbourne Design Week 2022.


My 'Lithos' lighting duet and necklace exhibited at TRANSPARENT as part of Melbourne Design Week 2022, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV.

Lithos provides the base of the geological term ‘Lithosphere’ - the most immediate outer crust of our earth. As the pieces take majority of their form in sandstone, they are very much an abstracted yet raw form of our own lithosphere.

This event is part of Melbourne Design Week 2022, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV

environment & space

With a diverse skillset where an amalgamation of branding, interior architecture and environmetal design come together, I present a range environment and space design work. Through personalisation of my degree, I have been able to extend this diverse training into each area of relevant design.

brand & object

Understanding the foundations of branding, I have explored a range of branding mediums. Successfully branding and launching my jewellery brand Rascal Mueller, I explored and prioritised transparency and sustainability though an informative and holistic brand approach, reflecting the jewellery arrangements for purchase. Developing an artistic style, I have been able to apply this to a greater vernacular for my personal creative brand.