Rascal Mueller

original brand

Rascal Mueller saw a successful launch in May 2021, with pieces now being worn by conscious individuals across Australia.

Navigating the current culture of consumption within art and design consciously and responsibly is challenging. With a lack of transparency being some brands biggest assets - other brands can use visibility and transparency to their advantage. My intentions for my brand Rascal Mueller are to create jewellery that embodied and elevated the rawness of the minerals and materials I am using. While doing this, it would not be responsible to exploit this natural beauty by turning a blind eye to other layers of unethical creation. I have to work in a way that was holistically responsible - all facets of sustainability are considered.

All product, brand imagery, concept and narrative creation is original work.

Creating a display that was cohesive to the brand and the jewellery pieces, I developed and executed a successful retail display which presents Rascal Mueller jewellery in physical retail settings. Adhering to the brand’s principles, the display is created out of recycled and discarded materials.

The jewellery is captured using a scanner to reflect similar techniques used to photograph ancient artefacts, which I draw great inspiration from. Celebrating the unique materials used with the pieces, these are represented in ways reflective of scientific specimen charts .

Establishing informative imagery develops a deeper connection which highlights a unique relationship between the wearer and their pieces.

Celebrating the rawness in the natural elements through distortion. The images themselves have a delicacy reflected in jewellery, through this, I attempt to bring jewellery to a new medium, one that doesnt neccesarily need to be worn.

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